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When we were researching new embroidery trends we found a lot of examples of Blackwork on dresses, pillows and other decorative items. As you know, Blackwork is a vintage style of embroidery, so we decided to create our own version of Blackwork designs as part of our new Heirloom line. Each design was digitized using 7-ply stitches to mimic hand embroidery along with beautiful motif stitches in the fill patterns. There are 40 designs total and all of the large designs come in multiple sizes. The designs, as you can imagine, stitch very quickly. There is only one color in the designs and no special techniques are required. Just hit the start button on your machine and watch the designs stitch. The designs will look beautiful on both clothing and home decor items. We created 2 pillows, the first using only 1 design and the second combining multiple designs together. Designs for 5”x 5”, 6”x 10”, 7”x 11” and 8”x 12” hoops.